Retro Studio’s Game Director, Mark Pacini, quashed rumors of a 2-D Metroid game’s development.

Rumors about a purported projected were lifted high on the wings of a missive found in the recently-released Metroid Prime 3, which read, “Experiment status report update. Metroid project ‘Dread’ is nearing the final stages of completion,” and was taken by fans as an indication of a title in the works.

Pacini says that’s not the case.

“It’s not what you think it means. … It was something that was overlooked and wasn’t in any way indicating anything about the hand-held game,” he said to MTV. “We know no information about the hand-held games.”

He continued with a somewhat nebulous explanation: “It’s a complete and utter coincidence. … We actually had a fictional element of something else in the game that by a large coincidence could be read that we were giving a hint about ‘Metroid Dread,’ which was not the case.”


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