Destiny and Google Allow You to Explore In-Game Worlds


Bungie and Google team up to bring you an interactive experience that lets you delve into the lore of Destiny

The release of Destiny is fast approaching, and in anticipation of its release next week on September 9th, Bungie has launched Destiny Planet View, an interactive website that allows fans to view and explore planets from the game. Powered by Google’s technology, the experience is reminiscent of Google Earth or Google Street View, along with the added benefits of a narrator and the ability to learn about the lore and locale of Destiny.

Events in Destiny occur throughout the Solar System, and the game will feature levels on Earth, the Moon, Mars, and Venus. All of the environments were once human colonies established during the Golden Age; a time of great human achievement and exploration. Since then, the arrival of “The Darkness” has seen these establishments abandoned and destroyed. With Destiny Planet View, users get the opportunity to check out ruins both human and alien, and explore how the enemy’s presence has impacted the environment.

As Bungie describes Destiny Planet View: “This is your chance to walk through the Moon, Mars, and Venus of Destiny, using Google’s familiar exploration tools. Explore the future, meet our enemies, discover hidden treasures, and prepare to Become Legend.” Destiny will launch on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Source: Attack of the Fanboy

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