Details, Footage of “Lost” Sonic Skateboarding Game Emerge

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Sonic Extreme was to be a skateboarding-themed Sonic game for the original Xbox.

It’s always interesting to see footage and hear details about “lost” games, games that were either cancelled, became vaporware, or were buried in the Arizona desert en masse. Today, the folks at “Did You Know Gaming” have dug up some footage on a cancelled Sonic skateboarding game for the original Xbox, aptly titled “Sonic Extreme“.

The title was apparently in the works at developer Vision Scape, which made the original Xbox game SeaBlade, as well as the Tech Deck skateboarding game Bare Knuckle Grind. Remember Tech Decks? Vision Scape was also working on a skateboarding game based on the Nickelodeon TV show Rocket Power.

Sonic Extreme would have been a hoverboard-based game, featuring two playable characters: Sonic and Shadow Sonic. It would have taken place in a skate park in the iconic Green Hill Zone. Reportedly, Vision Scape pitched the idea to Sega, who were very interested and commissioned a design document. However, they went silent after that, and the game faded away.

Years later, Sonic Riders came along, who Vision Scape’s boss is quoted in the video as saying was clearly inspired by his own company’s pitch for Sonic Extreme.

So enjoy some footage of another one of those lost video game’s you’ll never get to play.

Source: Did You Know Gaming

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