It’s cute. It’s interactive. It’s stylized in a cartoon-esque way. And it’s not coming to the Wii, but the PS3.

The British gaming magazine, Edge, has published an in-depth feature about an upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive which features a gameplay style that few would associate on the platform.

Littlebigplanet, developed by Media Molecule, is at its core a sharply-stylized side-scrolling platformer. But it is also an on-the-fly level editor that intends to maximize use of the Sixaxis controller and the PlayStation Network features.

The development team appears eager to capitalize on an atmosphere of multimedia content creation and sharing:

“There is something very empowering about creating something, and sharing it with other people, and them enjoying it,” says Healey. “During the development process, I often get what I call a ‘power gush’ – it’s this kind of rush of excitement from making a feature that you know is going to make people laugh, or is groundbreaking in some way. It’s quite a physical thing that has me pacing up and down, trembling and making excited ape noises. So the reason I have for wanting to make this game is to bring the ‘power gush’ sensation to those that know they have a great imagination, but don’t have the time or ability to learn all the complicated stuff you need to learn to make a game. And what with MySpace, YouTube and so on the time just feels right. Maybe it’s something to do with the Age of Aquarius,” he adds, and it’s impossible to tell if he’s being serious.

Interested gamers will need to take a look at the few screenshots included with the article to gain a firmer handle on what Media Molecule is aiming to accomplish – and this video definitely helps but many details are still under wraps.

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