Developer Brings Halo Cheer to Liver Transplant Kid


Bungie tells sick kid “world domination can wait” as it wishes him a speedy recovery.

When Seattle-based Reddit user fiscal_ reached out to Bungie, asking the game developer if it wouldn’t mind sending something to cheer his five year old son – in the hospital for a liver transplant – Bungie went above and beyond the call. Special Halo swag, including a detailed replica helmet, was hand-delivered to this young gamer-in-training by Bungie employee Christine. That’s her in one of the shots, but just look at the expression on that kid’s face as dad puts the helmet on him. You wouldn’t think he’d just had surgery.

“He doesn’t play [Halo] the way you or I would,” said his dad, when asked about kids his son’s age playing an M rated game. “I’ll sit down and play a part of the campaign with him, or mom will join us for our own multiplayer game. He likes the idea of Halo more than playing Halo.” He also likes wearing that spiffy shirt, part of the Bungie care package.

The family thanked everyone involved, for helping ease their son’s recovery. “We are fortunate enough to have health insurance that took care of the transplant and all subsequent appointments and medications,” said dad, and he went on to ask that anyone who felt they wanted to help out should donate to the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.

Source: Reddit

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