Developers Building Dozens of 3D PS3 Games, Says Sony


Sony says that things are coming along nicely it its quest to get 3D TVs into people’s homes.

3D Gaming has arrived, and Sony is going to great pains to ensure that it’s here to stay. SCEE studio director Mick Hocking says that Sony is working with developers and publishers on adding 3D to more than 50 PS3 games, including some “massive names.”

Third-party games make up just over half the total, and Hocking said that it was encouraging to see so many studios adding 3D to their games. He added that the interest in 3D backed up Sony’s claim that the technology would be an important part of the future of gaming. He said that Sony had been proactive with 3D, and was offering training to developers on how to get the best results, both technically and creatively. Using 3D wasn’t just about adding depth to a picture, he said, it was about figuring out where it could be used to add something unique to a game.

“One great example is in Killzone 3,” he said. “When you’re playing in 3D, where the player has to plant an explosive charge on the wall. When they do, the charge comes out of the screen and looks like it’s in the room with you, and honestly, it feels like an explosive charge has been placed on your TV. It’s amazing!”

Besides making consoles, Sony manufactures 3D TVs and makes 3D movies, so its interest in 3D extends well beyond videogames. Sony is in a great position to capitalize if 3D continues to be popular, but stands to lose out if it’s just a fad, and with that in mind, it’s not hard to see why Sony is pushing 3D so hard. Hocking is confident that a strong 3D library on the PS3 – along with other content – will convince people to invest in 3D TVs for their homes. It’s a little hard to believe that people will replace perfectly good TVs just for 3D however, so Sony may have to play a long game with this one.

Source: Develop

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