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Three Things, Somewhere, Quarter 4 2027 – Extra Punctuation


This week on Extra Punctuation, Yahtzee discusses the cycle of a bright-eyed game developer promising the moon and a million new features for its video game, only to release something much more basic and sterile, as seen in games like No Man’s Sky at launch (or any game ever made by Peter Molyneux). Just stop over-hyping games prior to launch.

Extra Punctuation Transcript

Like most people who spend an inordinate amount of time on YouTube, I love drama. I mean, why else would I review Hogwarts Legacy? I’ve been hanging around various cesspits online since before the turn of the millennium, and as such there’s something about classic internet drama videos that make me very nostalgic. And I’ve been watching a lot of amateur documentaries on doomed overambitious game projects, lately. It’s not just funny to watch overinflated egos crushed underfoot by reality, it’s also jolly instructive for someone with a foot in game development.

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Yahtzee Croshaw
Yahtzee is the Escapist’s longest standing talent, having been writing and producing its award winning flagship series, Zero Punctuation, since 2007. Before that he had a smattering of writing credits on various sites and print magazines, and has almost two decades of experience in game journalism as well as a lifelong interest in video games as an artistic medium, especially narrative-focused. He also has a foot in solo game development - he was a big figure in the indie adventure game scene in the early 2000s - and writes novels. He has six novels published at time of writing with a seventh on the way, all in the genres of comedic sci-fi and urban fantasy. He was born in the UK, emigrated to Australia in 2003, and emigrated again to California in 2016, where he lives with his wife and daughters. His hobbies include walking the dog and emigrating to places.