Devil May Cry PSP Is Really Dead


After years without hearing a single world about Devil May Cry on the PSP, we’ve finally received confirmation that the game has been canceled.

It’s been the five years since Capcom and Sony first made mention of a Devil May Cry game coming to the PlayStation Portable and, they haven’t really said word one about it, ever. Only the most faithful of DMC fanboys have believed that the game still exists, while most anyone with a lick of common sense figured that the thing was canned sometime after it missed its playable debut at E3.

Now Japanese gaming mag Famitsu has removed the title from its release list, and, according to IGN, in a special section denotes that the game has been canceled, saying that it’s “suspended from retail sale.” Apparently they’ve been wrong about taking games off this list before, but well, when it’s something like this, they seem to be just confirming the inevitable.

Capcom’s response? “Devil May Cry was once listed in a long string of titles in potential development for the PSP when the system was first announced,” they told Kotaku. “Once listed.” That sounds so sad.

Oh well, it’s not like PSP is lacking in “spectacle fighters” anyhow, since you’ve got God of War: Chains of Olympus. Would have been nice to have some sword-swinging, gun-shooting action on the PSP, though.

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