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Devotion Getting Physical Re-release in Taiwan

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After being pulled from Steam in February 2019, Red Candle Games’ controversial horror game, Devotion, will be seeing a physical re-release. The game is only coming to PC players in Taiwan for now, with preorders open from today, June 8, to June 15. Two versions are available for purchase with the difference apparently being the inclusion of a soundtrack. Both versions pack in distinct collectibles, such as an admittedly creepy children’s book.

Despite the re-release being limited to Taiwan, PC Gamer noted that Red Candle said in a Facebook statement that it “will continue to try various possibilities” when looking into a wider release.

Red Candle and publishers Indievent and Winking Entertainment fell into hot water after an Easter egg mocking China’s president, Xi Jinping, was discovered in-game. Indievent is based in China, so it didn’t take long for action to be taken. After Devotion was removed from Steam and despite both Winking Entertainment and Indievent cutting ties with Red Candle, Indievent had its business license revoked in July of last year.

Red Candle issued an apology to fans and all of those affected a couple weeks later. The apology post provided no concrete re-release plans at that time, spelling an uneasy future for those hoping to eventually play Devotion. Although, in February of this year, Devotion was added to the Harvard-Yenching Library for preservation purposes.

Red Candle and Devotion have seen a rocky road since the game launched for PC on Feb. 19, 2019. Progress has been made, though, so here’s to hoping the game will see a wider release once again after the game launches in Taiwan.

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