The latest update to the Diablo III website reveals the reappearance of the series’ most omnipresent demonic hordes, “The Fallen Ones.”

Diablo fans will recall The Fallen Ones as the seemingly endless ranks of demonic cannon fodder populating the first Act of Diablo II. Since that time they’ve received some pretty extensive aesthetic upgrades, but are still quite recognizable for those who blew out the tendons in their thumbs clicking away at Blizzard’s last foray into Sanctuary.

Alongside the pictorial look at the latest iteration of the demonic race, Blizzard also offers a lore-heavy backstory to accompany the group:

As hard as it is to believe, the fallen ones were once exalted demons of the Burning Hells. They served as Azmodan’s hands, performing acts that he would not, could not involve himself in. They were the instrument of Azmodan’s first failed attempt to usurp power from Diablo and his brothers, and after that failure, the fallen were subjected to the full wrath of Diablo. They were twisted into small, ridiculous imps, in contrast to their previously powerful forms.

Man, if I had a dollar for every time a demonic overlord twisted me into a ridiculous imp I’d … wait, what? That’s why they’re so intent on killing the player? That’s like saying their mothers didn’t hug them enough when they were incubi.

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