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Diablo III‘s Kevin Martens says that Reaper of Souls‘ new “Adventure Mode” changes the game completely.

Diablo III has made some pretty massive strides in the right direction recently, but the soon-to-be-released Reaper of Souls expansion pack’s hefty $40 price tag, at least according to some fans, was not one of them, especially considering it only adds a single class as opposed to Diablo II‘s Lord of Destruction pack, which added two. However, Diablo III‘s lead content designer Kevin Martens told PC Gamer that the expansion’s “Adventure Mode” makes it worth the price of admission, as it completely changes the way the game is played.

“I don’t know about pricing as such, but I would say that the Adventure Mode changes the game pretty much completely. It’s totally different,” said Martens when asked his feelings on the game’s price. “Once you get into Adventure Mode and you see the promise of everything random that Diablo does; that makes replayability the point of the game. It’s not linear anymore so you’re experience is different everytime you come in,” he added.

Martens also reflects on the mistakes the team realized after the game’s release, such as the Auction House and itemization. “The auction house decision didn’t come easy. It’s not like the day we realized it was a mistake was when we could shut it down,” he said. He claims that player feedback is a very important tool, and most of the recent changes to the game have been centered around that feedback.

Finally, Martens tries to coax back players who tried the game at launch and were disappointed. It’s crazy awesome now,” he said. “Everyone gets a shot at it now. Legendaries are dropping now from Level 10 onward, and we have put code in to ensure that everyone gets some legendaries, and a chance at the wacky powers as well.”

Source: PC Gamer

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