Diablo III‘s 2.3 Patch Is Now Live


Diablo III‘s 2.3 patch adds dozens of new items, a new artisan: Kannai’s Cube, and a new zone: The Ruins of Sescheron.

It’s a good week to be a Blizzard fan. Just one day after the release of Hearthstone‘s latest expansion pack: The Grand Tournament, Diablo III‘s massive 2.3 Patch has gone live. The new patch features a new area: The Ruins of Sescheron, dozens of new items, and the return of a much-requested Diablo II feature: the Horadric cube.

The Diablo III iteration of the cube is known as “Kannai’s Cube,” and functions a little differently from its predecessor. You’ll have to collect bounty-specific materials from the game’s adventure mode in order to take advantage of its recipes – among which is a way to “extract” an item’s legendary power and “equip” it without having to equip the actual item.


The new Ruins of Sescheron zone is integral to finding the cube, and players will have to complete a quest involving Zoltan Khule and the Barbarians in order to unlock it.

The patch also brings a host of class changes too numerous to list here, with special focus given to the Witch Doctor.

Additionally, if you feel like you’re at the point where Torment VI is a cakewalk, four new difficulty levels – Torment VII through X – have been added to the game.

Check out the full patch notes here for more information.

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