Dialysis Tech Fuels Coke’s New Soda Fountain


Coca-Cola’s latest salvo in the eternal soft drink wars has been revealed: A surprisingly high-tech beverage dispenser offering consumers 100 flavors of soda from a single spigot.

Dubbed “FreeStyle,” the machine utilizes technology “originally developed to measure extremely precise amounts of dialysis and cancer drugs” alongside advanced RFID sensors and an onboard computer to mix beverages on the fly to a consumer’s particular tastes.

Further enhancing the machine’s post-modern feel is a touchscreen UI on which consumers select their favorite soft drink flavor, saving soft drink aficionados the hassle of memorizing which of their local soda fountain’s always mislabeled spigots contains disgustingly watered-down iced tea.

Coca-Cola’s shiny new technology is currently being tested in Georgia, California and Utah, but according to Fast Company, the soft drink giant plans to roll out an additional 60 machines by the end of the summer.

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