Dice+ Is a “Universal Board Game Controller”


Dice+ is an electronic die that communicates with your tablet via bluetooth for a variety of different board games.

How many times have you been playing a board game with your friends and thought: “Man, moving my guy across the board sucks. I wish it would just move by itself.” Well, you’re in luck, because Game Technologies have just unveiled the Dice+: an electronic die that interacts with your tablet device via bluetooth. Dice+ aims to let players “Enjoy a digital version of board games without losing the pleasure of throwing the dice.” It costs $39.99 and is compatible with most iPad and Android tablet devices.

The Dice+ controller is compatible with a variety of “powered board games” you can download from the iTunes store or Google Play.

There appears to be quite a few games on there, ranging from new takes on old classics like Backgammon, to brand-new titles like Dice+ Heroes. It looks like games on the powered board game store can be developed by any developer, not just Game Technologies.

You can check out the official TV ad above, which shows how the Dice+ interacts with a tablet. Game Technologies promises that “You can be sure that DICE+ will properly detect all your rolls,” so you don’t have to worry about that one guy who always tries to sneakily change the dice roll.

So what do you board game aficionados think of this? It’s an interesting little concept, but is it really necessary? Do you think there is a market for this out there? Personally, I like playing “grand” board games like Settlers of Catan and Risk, which are all about having a massive, sprawling board (something that the Dice+ just can’t replicate).

Source: Dice+

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