DICE: Star Wars: Battlefront Development is “Scary”


Executive producer Patrick Bach says that DICE “need to do [Star Wars: Battlefront] right.”

For years, many Star Wars fans pined after one thing: a new Star Wars: Battlefront title. For some time the prospects for that looked grim. Then, seemingly out of the blue, Disney bought Lucasfilm and a series of events was set in motion that led to Battlefield-developer DICE taking the reins of a new, rebooted Battlefront.

According to executive producer Patrick Bach, it was in many ways a case of happy happenstance. “For some strange reason – coincidence, I don’t know – we had a discussion at the office about what happened to Battlefront.” he said. “Just a week later it was like, ‘Oh, by the way, that discussion you were having about Star Wars? Do you want to make it?’ ‘Well, yeah.'”

Electronic Arts, which currently has multi-year exclusive rights to publish Star Wars games, has expressed in the past that it believes DICE to be a perfect match for Battlefront. That being the case, Bach and company are very much aware of the passion of the Star Wars fanbase and admit that that does lead to bit of anxiety. “To take on something like this is scary,” said Bach. Rather than dwelling on fears of failure however, DICE has set its sights to success. “We’ve been promising ourselves if we’re doing this we need to do it right. So trust me, we’re hard at work to figure this one out.”

Source: IGN

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