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Disco Elysium Is the Sleeper Hit of the Year – Review in 3 Minutes


Disco Elysium starts as a simple murder case and then sweeps you up in an intertwining web of stories in the impoverished city of Revachol. In this melting pot of the downtrodden and the corrupt, developer ZA/UM proves that a good RPG doesn’t need combat or morality systems to make players care about a fictional world. A true heir to Planescape: Torment is finally here.

I’ve got no real complaints about Disco Elysium. I do think it shouldn’t say you’re overwriting a save file when making a new one, and it’d be nice if the developers pointed out Quick Saves are an option. But I didn’t encounter any major glitches or bugs. ZA/UM has managed to capture the soul of classic CRPGs, the passion of an indie project, and the detailed polish of AAA gaming. Unless you’re criminally averse to reading text, there’s no reason not to play Disco Elysium.

This title is available now for PC on Steam and

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