Dishonored Definitive Edition Offered Half Price To Return Customers

Dishonored Definitive Edition News

Digital edition owners qualify for savings on the upgrade.

Bethesda Softworks is due to release Dishonored Definitive Edition to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in just over a month, and they’re offering a sweetheart deal to players who have already bought the game previously. Owners of the digital edition of Dishonored on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 will be able to purchase Definitive Edition for $19.99, half off the title’s retail price.

PlayStation Plus users may find themselves extra happy about the deal. Dishonored was made available for free to members of the program back in April, and anyone who took advantage of that opportunity will also be eligible to grab the new release at the discounted price.

Announced last month at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Dishonored Definitive Edition collects the original 2012 game with its four downloadable content releases into one package with improved visuals.

Dishonored Digital Edition and its discount offer are available for pre-order now from PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace. It is scheduled for release on August 25.

Sources: Reddit, Eurogamer

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