Disney Announces Star Wars: Attack Squadrons With Trailer and Screens


Star Wars: Attack Squadrons will offer free-to-play online space combat for up to 16 pilots at once.

If you have an itch that hasn’t been properly scratched since the days of X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter then you might want to keep your eyes on Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, the new game announced today by Disney Interactive. It’s a free-to-play online space combat sim that will let up to 16 players battle through “iconic Star Wars locations,” with unlockable items, upgradeable ships and three PVP modes: Free-For-All, Team Dogfight and Base Defense.

And that’s really about all we have for you, aside from some screens and a very dull announcement trailer, but more information about locations, ships – so far only the X-Wing and TIE Interceptor have been mentioned by name – and other details are promised over the coming weeks.

I’d really prefer something with a single-player focus (TIE Fighter 2, anyone?) but this is obviously still worth some attention. The best thing about Star Wars is the space combat, after all, and with all due respect to KOTOR the same can be said about Star Wars games. Star Wars: Attack Squadrons is scheduled to enter closed beta testing in early 2014 and if you’d like to get in on the action, you can put your name in the hat at

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