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The Disney Legacy Animation Collection Costs a Jaw-Dropping Amount of Money


During the past few years, studios have sprinted away from physical media as streaming takes hold. However, as streaming platforms have begun removing their content, the appetite for physical media is bigger than ever. Disney has removed some content and while not for any major animated films yet, it is harkening back to the days of the Disney Vault, when the studio would arbitrarily remove films from home release just to create scarcity. With that worry in mind, wouldn’t it be nice to own nearly every animated feature film that Disney has ever released on physical media? The House of the Mouse seems to think so, as they’ve just opened pre-orders for the Disney Legacy Animation Collection, a Blu-Ray box set that features almost the entire history of Disney film animation.

The box set, which releases on November 14 and is exclusive to Walmart, features 100 Disney and Pixar films, each with its own disc, and 18 more discs worth of special features for the Pixar films, which evidently need more space. You’ll get nearly every film theatrically released from Disney’s first animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, to the latest Pixar movie, Elemental. You can watch a trailer for it below.

While not in 4K, the collection does come in three large book volumes, each with imagery identifying the films and featuring a quote from the movie, creating a kind of Disney animated film timeline. There’s also a crystal Mickey Mouse cap and a lithograph poster for Disney’s next animated film, Wish. You’ll also get digital codes for all 100 movies so you can have them on the go… after several hours of inputting digital codes.

How much will all this set you back? A whopping $1,499.96. That’s actually a pretty solid price point for 100 movies, even if they aren’t 4K remasters of the films, and considering the fact that physical media is the only way to truly ensure you can always watch these films if you’re a Disney fan this actually square away to a pretty good deal. You know, if you’ve got $1.5k lying around.

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