Divinity Composer Supports Kickstarter With Concert


If you missed Kirill Pokrovsky’s concert in support of the Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter, you can now catch it on YouTube, complete with new HD footage.

Kirill Pokrovsky doesn’t have the catalog of a guy like, say, Jeremy Soule, but his work on the Divinity games – he’s done the music for all of them – is nothing short of outstanding. And while Soule is, last I heard, still kicking around the idea of a videogame mega-concert in New York City, Pokrovsky went ahead and held one of his own, a one-man show (with a spot or two of horsing around by Larian boss Swen Vincke) on Twitch TV.

Ther concert took place on April 18 but if you happened to miss it, all is not lost. Larian posted a recording of the whole thing, with new HD footage worked in, on YouTube today, and as you might expect if you’re familiar with such things, it’s fantastic. Pokrovsky spends a little under a half-hour playing old songs and new ones, and wraps the show up with a piano version of “The Update Song”.

The whole thing has an endearingly goofy charm to it, which is something I’ve always found appealing about Larian Studios, but it’s the quality of the music that sells it. I can only hope that Divinity: Original Sin is this good.

The Original Sin Kickstarter has already blown past its goal, notching over $610,000 in support, but it’s not too late to get in on the action: the campaign wraps up at noon EDT on April 26.

Source: YouTube

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