Divinity: Original Sin 2‘s Game Master Mode Getting Shown Off in Livestream Tonight


You can watch the new Game Master mode for Divinity Original Sin 2 on Twitch today.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 hit Steam Early Access back in September, and our Editor-in-Chief Josh Vanderwall previewed it back in October. When the Kickstarter campaign for the game finished, all of the stretch goals were unlocked, including the $2 million “Game Master Mode” goal.

Now, that goal is being fulfilled, as Larian Studios plans to show off Game Master Mode in a livestream later today. The new mode will “capture the tabletop RPG experience for four players and their game master.” It is focused on storytelling, and gives Game Masters control over their campaigns. You can use official maps, or upload your own. There are also lots of pre-built setting and models you can use to create your combat encounters. You can also use the game’s mod tools to build your own settings.

The official description says, “Role playing and NPC interactions are facilitated through a “vignettes” system, which allows game masters to create text “cards” that allow players to choose between multiple dialogue and decision options and make dice-based skill checks. Just like in real tabletop games, success is determined by the game master alone, who is free to fudge the numbers however he or she sees fit. When fights do break out, game masters and players have Divinity’s full tactical combat system at their disposal – game masters can let enemies fight automatically, or take direct control over NPCs to match their players in head-to-head combat or support them in battle.”

You can even save your campaigns and share them with others using the Steam Workshop. You can find more information in this Kickstarter update, and you can watch the Twitch livestream right here at 7 PM ET.

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