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Do You Need to Play Fallen Order to Play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

Here is the answer to whether you do or do not need to play Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to best play and enjoy Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is, despite its non-numerical title, a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. And like the previous game, it follows the story of Jedi Cal Kestis. So let’s explain whether you do or do not need to play Fallen Order to play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

How Is Fallen Order Connected to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor features several characters who were introduced in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Aside from protagonist Cal Kestis, you’ll run into Nightsister Merrin, Cere Junda, and more.

And while it takes place five years after Fallen Order, the Empire is still very much in charge. The universe is ruled by Emperor Palpatine, assisted by his henchman/apprentice Darth Vader. However, this isn’t Mass Effect. The universe isn’t molded by your choices, so whether you’ve played Fallen Order or not, Survivor is still the same game.

So Do You Need to Play Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order before Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

You don’t have to, due in part to the time jump. You’ll be catching up alongside Cal himself, which is a smart move on developer Respawn’s part. But you may get more from the game if you do. You should, in theory, feel a greater attachment to the characters. Reading the novel that takes place before Jedi: Survivor, Jedi: Battle Scars, wouldn’t hurt either.

So, when you encounter Merrin, you’ll already have spent time with her and may be more invested in her. Likewise, you’ll understand what Jedi Knight Cere Junda has been through, both with Cal and before she met him.

On the subject of whether you do or do not need to play Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the answer is no, you don’t, but you may care for the returning characters more if you do.

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