Do You Want Zone of the Enders 3?

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Kojima Productions is apparently unaware that people out there want a third entry in their stylish giant robot action franchise. So they’re asking for people to let them know how much they want it.

“How many people really want a Zone of the Enders sequel?” a group of Kojima Productions developers asked on the latest episode of the Metal Gear Solid Integral podcast.

Fans of slick-looking robots using gigantic cannons that materialize out of thin air should be raising their hands pretty high in the sky right now. Zone of the Enders may have started out as not much more than “that game that came with the MGS2 demo” in many gamers’ eyes, but the second PS2 game definitely found the series hitting its stride.

Still, as awesome as cool robots shooting giant guns may be, the formula doesn’t always translate to the big bucks. Konami’s not worried about the hardcore gamers not buying their game, they said on the podcast. That’s a reliable market, but casual gamers are a different story. So they want to know: do people really want ZOE3?

“If there’s so many people wanting to see Zone of the Enders, why not put the priority on top, a little further up, you know, but we just want to know,” Konami’s Aki Saito said. That makes it sound like ZOE‘s somewhere in the middle of Kojima Productions’ priority list (probably lower than Metal Gear Raiden but higher than Boktai).

Saito suggested that interested gamers make their voices heard in the comments thread of the podcast, assuring games that “we’ll check your comments out.” So, if you want ZOE3, venture over here and make your voice heard. Just remember this: if ZOE3 never happens, it’ll be on you.

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