Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Trailer Replete with Scary Monsters


If this trailer is anything to go by, The Eternity Clock will be all about running away from your favorite creepy-looking monsters at speed.

The Eleventh Doctor, much like the Tenth before him, could be described as having a penchant for running. And why not? On an average day the poor traverser of all time and space tends to find himself being pursued by all manner of scary things. In The Eternity Clock, he and River Song will be running from four of his deadliest foes – the Cybermen, Silence, Silurians and Daleks – on PSN and Vita from March 2012, and on PC shortly thereafter.

Writing on the PlayStation blog, the BBC’s executive producer for the project, Simon Harris, described how “[artistic] accuracy is essential” to the project. This extends all the way down to the monsters which will feature in the game, with various designs and animations spending their time being checked and retouched by teams from BBC Worldwide, BBC London, BBC Wales, and Supermassive Games, the developer.

Despite this attention to detail, however, some of the artists who work on the televised Doctor Who saw the game as an opportunity to modify and improve the enemies beyond what can be achieved on television. Thanks to this, there are a few subtle design differences in each enemy in the game. Harris invites “eagle-eyed” trailer-watchers to let the team know what differences they’ve noticed on the game’s official Twitter feed.

Harris also revealed that the Silence didn’t feature in the earliest drafts of the game, and replaced another kind of monster when they were added. While Harris didn’t detail which species it was that got shoved out, he did say that he can “promise it will make [an] appearance in a future game.”

As far as the enemies go, the production teams have chosen a pretty solid bunch, with the Cybermen and Daleks handling the robotic, slow-moving scary things shift while the Silence and Silurians handle the organic, nimble, and also way creepy aspects. Thank the gods of BBC Wales that the Weeping Angels are (ostensibly) absent from this venture.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will be released in the UK and US on PSN and Vita in March 2012, and shortly thereafter on PC.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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