2 Player Productions has revealed that Mojang Specifications, the company behind indie hit Minecraft, is the subject of its next film.

Ever wanted to know exactly how cake and ghasts make their way into Mojang Specifications’ Minecraft? 2 Player Productions will reveal all in an upcoming documentary that goes behind the scenes of the studio currently working on creating the final version of Marcus “Notch” Persson’s indie sensation.

2 Player Productions is known for its work on documentaries such as Reformat the Planet, an amazing look at chiptune composers, and Penny Arcade: The Series, the truth of goes on behind the popular comic strip. The film on Minecraft will presumably give us an in-depth view of the small studio that sprung up from surprisingly massive sales of a game that isn’t even finished yet.

Early images released by 2PP show Mojang in its offices giggling around their computers and staring intently at unknown objects in the distance. Persson himself is even shown riding on a train, with a bag! Will the documentary reveal what’s in this mystery bag? Or where Persson was traveling? We can only hope.

2PP calls the documentary an “extensive inside look” at Mojang, so maybe we’ll also get to learn a little about its secret projects that aren’t Minecraft. For now, 2PP says the Mojang Specifications documentary is “coming soon.”

Source: 2 Player Productions, via Joystiq

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