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Does Dead Island 2 Have Guns?


Dead Island 2 has a whole city full of zombies and an awful lot of items to hit them with. Sometimes, though, you don’t want to get up close and personal. It’d be handy if you could shoot at the living dead, wouldn’t it? So if you’re wondering if Dead Island 2 has guns, here’s the answer.

Does Dead Island 2 Have Guns and, If So, When Do You Get Them?

Dead Island 2 does feature guns, but they only figure into the game after you’ve been playing for several hours. On your first run, it’ll be roughly five hours before you get your hands on one (longer if you’re doing every side quest). Before then you’ll run into a character or two with guns, but they won’t be willing to share.

To get your hands on a gun (you start off with a sporting rifle), you have to complete the mission Justifiable Zombicide. We won’t spoil too much, but let’s just say that a big game hunter gets their comeuppance. That, in turn, grants you access to their arsenal. 

Does Dead Island 2 Have Guns?

From that point onwards you can get your hands on other firearms, including pistols and more. You can also apply upgrades to your weapons. For example, you can tweak your rifle to deliver electrical damage. And, we’re happy to report, the guns are easier to use than in the original Dead Island. 

Does Having Guns Make The Game Too Easy? 

You might think that suddenly introducing guns into the game would make Dead Island 2 a pushover. It doesn’t, and it’s not just because enemies level up with you. In typical survival-horror fashion, if you start blasting at every zombie you’ll run out of ammo, typically at an inconvenient moment.

Instead, you should conserve your ammo to use on the game’s special zombies, particularly those that have ranged attacks or explode up close. Melee combat is your main method of seeing off the living dead, even more so than in the likes of Resident Evil

So, the answer to the question of does Dead Island 2 have guns is yes, but don’t think getting your hands on one is going to make the game a cakewalk. 

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