A clever Minecraft fan has recreated Nintendo’s arcade classic Donkey Kong, with some very interesting alterations.

Superficially, this “world” seems to be a more or less spot-on replica of Donkey Kong, hindered only by the aesthetics of the Minecraft medium. There’s a monkey, a few barrels, and an Italian stereotype hopping around. That’s classic Donkey Kong.

Then things start getting weird. The view shifts from the standard 2D platformer perspective to the 3rd-person, over-the-shoulder view familiar to Minecraft fans. Mario accidentally gets hit by a barrel and instead of dying, he’s pelted by arrows fired by some unseen army of bowmen.

Of course, none of that compares to Mario’s presumed confusion once he reaches the top of Kong’s skyscraper. Somehow in the transition to Minecraft, Princess Peach metamorphosed into a pig. Nonplussed by this development, our protagonist does what any sadistic, terrible person would do: he pushes her off a ledge. Suddenly stricken by grief at this horrendous act, or the overwhelming horror of this new perverted world he finds himself in, Mario then leaps to his death. Better to die next to the ham chunks that were once his beloved then live on in this cruel mockery of his greatest triumph.

Alright, so this isn’t exactly a 100-percent faithful recreation of Donkey Kong. It’s more like a funhouse mirror version of it where certain details are stretched and warped. That said, it’s an impressive homage to the game’s broad strokes, and yet another example of Minecraft player ingenuity.

If you’re suddenly intrigued by this creation and would like to try it for yourself, the YouTube video description includes a link to all the necessary files.

Source: Notch

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