The teaser trailer for Capcom’s CGI Resident Evil: Damnation is slobbery, and teases the inclusion of a significant new character.

The Resident Evil films must be performing well in all of their incarnations, because a fifth live action movie was confirmed earlier this year as was a new fully-CGI film called Resident Evil: Damnation. G4TV recently got its hands on Damnation‘s first teaser trailer, which may show the addition of a popular Resident Evil protagonist.

Damnation is the follow-up to Resident Evil: Degeneration, Capcom’s previous CGI Resident Evil effort that was released in 2008. Degeneration featured Resident Evil 4‘s Leon S. Kennedy and Resident Evil 2‘s Claire Redfield, with Kennedy returning in Damnation. Claire Redfield may not be reprising her CGI role for Damnation, but her older brother could be taking her place.

As we can see from the teaser, Leon is caught in a “European warzone,” but the warring human factions are the least of his worries. Leon will also have to contend with Resident Evil‘s Lickers, so the Umbrella Corporation is likely up to no good in the region. At least he can shoot them out of the air before they land on his face.

The teaser earns its name at the end, where we see a shadowy soldier-type standing amongst some firey ruins. Leon aims his weapon at the mysterious man, and the man returns the favor. My first instinct is to say that this is Chris Redfield, an OG of the Resident Evil series that appeared alongside Jill Valentine in the very first game. He’s likely raising his weapon to take out all of the lickers about to lick Leon. Otherwise, it could be Wesker, or some other male Resident Evil character.

Degeneration could have fared better critically, but Capcom still considers it a success with over 1 million in home sales. Damnation will hopefully raise the quality bar. The film is projected to come out in 2012, with a 3D theatrical release announced for Japan.

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