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Doom Patrol Season 4 Trailer Delivers Lots of Were-Butts

DC Comics and HBO Max have shared the Doom Patrol season 4 teaser trailer at NYCC, revealing more weird and wonderful Were-Butts.

Many might gripe that DC has done very little good with its cinematic multiverse, especially as it appears The CW is winding down a lot of its shows, but one shining star has been HBO Max’s Doom Patrol, the wonderfully strange superhero series that has somehow made it to four seasons. We got our first look at season 4 at New York Comic Con this year with a new Doom Patrol trailer.

In case you haven’t quite tuned into the series that truly kickstarted the Brendan Fraser renaissance, the show is really strange as you can probably tell from the butt creatures in the video doing a musical number from The Music Man. That’s actually pretty tame for the series honestly, though the Were-Butts we see here are returning characters. Doom Patrol season 4 will find the team fighting them, obviously, but also traveling to the future and possibly finally deciding if they’re actually going to be heroes or just want to fight for their own happiness. They also seem to be calling themselves by a new name, the Doom Force.

The series is seeing most of its regulars return with Michelle Gomez as Madame Rouge, Fraser as Cliff Steele, Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, April Bowlby as Elasti-woman / Rita Farr, Joivan Wade as Cyborg / Victor Stone, Sky Roberts as Kay Challis, and Matthew Bomer as Negative Man / Larry Trainor. The real question is if everyone will return for a fifth season, as we’re not sure one will be coming. The series launched on DC Universe before its streaming shows were folded into HBO Max, where its third season debuted. It’s had great reviews and a cult following, but under Warner Discovery’s new leadership that means very little. Still, the series hasn’t been canceled yet, so that’s good news.

As the trailer notes, Doom Patrol season 4 will premiere on HBO Max on December 8, with episodes dropping weekly after that.

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