Doomfist Will Be Live in Overwatch Next Week


Doomfist is leaving the Overwatch PTR and headed to everyone’s game next week.

Doomfist went live on the Overwatch PTR earlier this month, and he’s about to head over to the full game. Blizzard announced today that newest hero will be live in the game on July 27.

The trailer above features developers talking about the process behind Doomfist’s development, and how classic fighting games inspired his attacks.

Doomfist has been on the minds of the Overwatch community since actor Terry Crews began campaigning to be cast as the voice of the character back in January of the year. Since then, there were rumors, and another hero released before Doomfist popped up on the PTR, where he got a quick nerf.

You can check out all 10 of Doomfist’s skins right here. You’ll be able to play as Doomfist on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on July 27.

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