Double Fine Kickstarter Reaches Target In Six Days


Massive Chalice raises $736,126 and is still going strong.

Tim Schafer’s Double Fine launched a Kickstarter for its turn-based strategy title Massive Chalice back on 30th May, within one day it raised half its ask, and within six days it reached and surpassed its $725K target. The funding total stands at $736,306 at time of writing, and there are still 23 days to go. Stretch goals ahoy! When the Kickstarter launched, Double Fine promised that the game would grow depending on the amount of funding received, but was coy about the specifics. “Ongoing conversations with the community” is Double Fine’s stretch goal mantra; no doubt those conversations will start any time now.

Massive Chalice features you, as an immortal ruler over your domain, strategically manipulating royal marriages and kingdom-running schemes behind the scenes, while at the same time sending out your heroes to do battle against the foe. Your ultimate goal is to reunite the kingdom, eliminate the demonic threat, and reforge the Massive Chalice subtly hinted at in the game’s title. You might be immortal, but nobody else is, so you’ll need to replace your heroes as they grow old and die. A golden retirement plan – aka begat, begat, begat – is your best bet at keeping an army of heroes on the battlefield. Content is randomized, and that includes the heroes you get at the start; “the details of every game will change based on your decisions and the whims of fate,” according to its Kickstarter pitch. Schafer’s currently exploring Yosemite, so if someone should notice him wandering the wilderness would you let him know his Kickstarter got funded, please?

If this sounds like the kind of thing that’d appeal, head over to Double Fine’s Kickstarter page to learn more. That Massive Chalice would hit its goal was never in doubt, but to hit it so soon is pretty impressive. The only question now is, how far beyond that goal will it go? There’s still three weeks plus to run, and folks love ’em some Double Fine goodness. We shall see!

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