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BioWare general manager Gary McKay has shared an update on Dragon Age 4 at the company blog, explaining that development is going well and revealing that Executive Producer Christian Dailey is making his exit from the company. McKay offered a fond farewell to Dailey, who joined BioWare in 2018, and he assured there is a “a strong leadership team of industry and Dragon Age veterans” to keep development going. At present, Dragon Age 4 is “right in the middle of production.”

BioWare finalized its “blueprint” for the single-player fantasy RPG last year, so now it is focused on creating environments, characters, gameplay, writing, cinematics, and more. McKay added, “The blueprint for the game is well understood and the team is focused.”

The current development team includes Game Director Corrine Busche, Production Director Mac Walters, and Director of Product Development Benoit Houle. Busche aided in design direction for Dragon Age and has a 15-year history at EA, while Walters has worked at BioWare for 18 years, and Houle has lent a hand on every Dragon Age release.

“Later this year, you will start to hear more from the Dragon Age team in the form of blogs and social content,” McKay said. “As we move through development we’ll also be in regular communication with players who sit on our community council. As passionate fans like you, we take their feedback seriously. We are also listening to all of you as you share your thoughts and experiences, so keep talking to us!”

A recent report from GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb provided similar reassurance that Dragon Age 4 is in “very good shape.” He also shared that BioWare is anticipating to launch the project as early as late 2023. Either way, BioWare is moving full steam ahead with Dragon Age 4 development, and it is weathering the exit of its executive producer well.


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