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Read Article Mark Darrah and the Mass Effect Team Are Helping to Finish Dragon Age: Dreadwolf
Former Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah returns to BioWare to help finish Dreadwolf, alongside the Mass Effect team joining up.
Read Article Dragon Age Creative Director Admits Horses Were All a Lie in Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition horses sprinting sprint gallop lie fake speed effect animation creative director John Epler reveals on Twitter
Read Article Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Reveals in-Game Cinematic: Varric Says Solas Must Be Stopped
Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in-game cinematic Varric joins playable party members says Solas Dread Wolf we must stop him BioWare Dragon Age Day
Read Article Pentiment Weaponizes the Anxiety of a Ticking Clock
Pentiment weaponizes the clock and ensures every moment matters, creating anxiety and high replayability role-playing game at Obsidian Entertainment
Read Article Waiting for the New Mass Effect Has Become a Fun Game in Itself
waiting for new Mass Effect game from BioWare has become a fun game in itself
Read Article Dragon Age: Absolution Trailer Brings Blood Magic to Netflix This December
Dragon Age: Absolution release date official trailer Netflix cast December 9, 2022 BioWare
Read Article Fans Decode Secret Message for New Mass Effect, Seems to Be from Liara
BioWare released a teaser for the new Mass Effect to celebrate N7 Day, and it looks like fans have already decoded a secret message with Liara and the Geth taking about human defiance.
Read Article Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Alpha Milestone Is Complete, Playable Start to Finish
Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Alpha Is Complete, Achieving Major Milestone at BioWare playable start to finish
Read Article Dragon Age: Absolution Is a Netflix Animated Series Coming in December
Dragon Age: Absolution Netflix announcement teaser trailer BioWare Red Dog Culture House Mairghread Scott
Read Article Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Title Revealed, Plus Some Teaser Details
Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Title revealed by bioware dragon age 4


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