Dragon Age Demo Unlikely, But There Will Be Sex

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BioWare says it’s unlikely to release a demo for Dragon Age: Origins before the full game launches but on the upside, there will be sex.

BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk said the nature of Dragon Age: Origins, built around the concept of numerous character origin stories that lead to differing RPG experiences, makes it difficult to come up with an effective demo, especially when the studio is focusing on the development of the game. “The way the game’s set up actually makes it hard for a demo because there are six origin stories and we don’t know whether to just pick one or a couple,” he told CVG.

He did say, however, that a demo was a very real possibility at some point after the game comes out. “It’s not likely that we’ll have a demo ready for release, but very shortly after we’ll probably figure out some parameters where we chop the game into pieces and make them available for people to experience,” he added.

While a demo might not be in the cards, Zeschuk said sex – or love scenes, at least – definitely will be. BioWare’s previous release, Mass Effect, came under fire for including a brief sex scene between the protagonist and an NPC but according to Zeschuk, the inclusion of such material “makes sense” in some games.

“It’s interesting because I think the Mass Effect thing was completely over-blown. There wasn’t even really nudity; it was like the side of a leg. I think some of the press took huge advantage of the situation. The reality was that it was the kind of stuff you’d see on evening television,” Zeschuk said.

“I think from our perspective we want to reflect real human relationships. If you’re trying to have a relationship with a character we want to reflect that and the impact of the connection with that character. And if that involves some sort of intimate scenes, we want to provide those for the player,” he continued. “It’s based on the fact that this is a sophisticated, mature experience.”

Dragon Age: Origins is scheduled for release on October 20 on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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