Dragon Age: Inquisition and Keep-Building: More Emphasis on Strategy

Dragon Age Inquisition keep

Players can capture enemy keeps to unlock new quests in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Nobody but everyone ready for Dragon Age: Inquisition expects the inquisition and resulting takeover of keeps. Further revealed today was a new mechanic in which players can capture enemy keeps to unlock quests, customize the keeps, earn cash, and rebuild. According to Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s producer, the game uses more tactics to throw in a greater sense of leadership for the player.

In Dragon Age: Inquisition the player is the Inquisitor. How this affects interactions with other characters is greatly influenced by the player character’s race, of which the player can choose from human, elf, dwarf, or qunari. As the Inquisitor, the player can take control of keeps across the multiple regions. The more a player puts into a keep, the more rewards come out of it. For example, by rebuilding a fallen colossus, OPM notes, troop morale will increase. A new management system gives the player control over running the keeps and overseeing trade.

Watching a demo, OPM observed how combat in Dragon Age: Inquisition is revamped. While still very similar to combat in previous games, Inquisition‘s battles “seem less dependent on length of health bar” and more on abilities and positioning. Three years will have passed when Inquisition launches since Dragon Age II‘s release, a title that was not as well-received by the general playing audience. In that time, the developers have thought hard on what to include in Inquisition.

“I think we’ve reached a point now where we have the technology on the gen 4 platforms, the higher platforms, and even on gen 3 when you downgrade some of the graphics…combined with the new engine which we’ve rebuilt the entire Dragon Age game in, it gives us the opportunity to bring some of these more interesting gameplay experiences in, so strategy, keeps, tactics, stuff like that, and throw it all into one big mix,” producer Cameron Lee said. “Which I find exciting personally, as a hardcore RPG player – to have that really strong story along with open world kind of experiences and bring in that sense of leadership over a keep and armies and stuff like that.”

Source: OPM, OXM

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