Dragon Age: Inquisition Screens Arrive Unexpectedly


In today’s collection of Dragon Age: Inquisition screen shots we look at dragons and the men, women, pointy-eared dudes and squat tough guys who smack them around for a living.

You didn’t expect this, right? Just like you didn’t expect the “unexpected” crack, which is to say that new screen shots from an upcoming game isn’t really all that unexpected at all. And we have them! Nine new Dragon Age: Inquisition screens that surfaced recently over at All Games Beta, where dwarves, elves and humans get heavy with a full-blown dragon and other agents of unpleasantness, including one tusked behemoth who I can’t look at without hearing Sean Bean say, “They have a cave troll!”

It’s a good-looking collection – say what you will about the Dragon Age franchise, but there’s no denying that it’s an awfully pretty setting. I don’t know why some of these images are at a different resolution than others, but I would guess it’s because these don’t appear to be “official” screens and were instead taken by someone in the beta and posted on the site. We’ve reached out to EA to confirm their status and will update if and when we hear back. In the meantime, enjoy!

Source: All Games Beta

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