Dragon Age players eager to get ahead of the curve might want to consider plopping down a pre-order for the game at GameStop, as the bonus is an in-game item that boosts the rate at which you gain experience in the game.

GameStop’s gotten pretty nefarious with its pre-order bonuses in recent months, notably turning demos (what ever happened to “try before you buy”) into commodities purchasable for no more a five dollar down payment.

Demos are one thing, but things that actually have impact on the way a game plays? That’s a whole other story.

If BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins is like most role-playing games, experience points are something you’re going to want lots of and lots of fast to go far in the game. So, want to have the advantage when it comes to EXP in Dragon Age? You might want to look into pre-ordering the game.

When you pre-order Dragon Age at GameStop, you’ll receive two in-game items. The first one is the “Memory Ring,” which “allows your character to accumulate experience points at an accelerated rate and therefore level up more efficiently.” The second is another ring that is “supposed to help apprentices retain their lessons.”

Maybe these items are eventually unlockable in the game regardless of pre-order, or maybe the unlock codes that pre-order customers will receive when the game ships will be sharable. Either way, is there something a little bit disconcerting about spending money to have an advantage leveling in a role-playing game, or is it just me?

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