One of the Nintendo DS’s strangest and slimiest games is getting a sea-based sequel on the 3DS.

In the Nintendo DS’s Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime, you play as a slime that must navigate various environments to rescue your friends and collect ammunition for the cannon of a huge slime tank used to take down mechs shaped like the foes of Dragon Quest. As you can tell, it’s a little different than most other titles available on the market. Fans of the quirky game will be happy to know that a sequel, which will actually be the third game in the series, is coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

For now the game has only been announced for Japan, so the title available is Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3: Daikaizoku to Shippodan. Rest assured, this will be another Rocket Slime title, but it might not involve giant mechs again.

Daikaizoku to Shippodan‘s Japanese website contains a few details on the game, including the reveal that players will set out to sea to engage in sea battles with pirates. Maybe it’ll be called Dragon Quest Heroes: Slime Pirates? Players will build their own ships, and the battles will be displayed in 3D.

Additionally, Daikaizoku to Shippodan features a multiplayer mode that up to four players can engage in, and Street Pass compatibility. No other specifics have been divulged, but the fact that Square Enix is bringing back Rocket Slime and adding pirates is good enough for me to be pretty hyped up, assuming the game makes it to regions other than Japan.

Source: Andriasang

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