Dragon Quest VIII

Japanese gamers will be able to enjoy Dragon Quest I-VII on their mobile devices starting this winter.

For the longest time there was a frustrating tradition in the realm of console gaming that saw Japan getting a lot of the best stuff first, especially when it came to RPGs. Nowadays, things are arguably a bit more equal. That being the case, Japan still gets gaming treats the rest of us don’t. Case in point, Square Enix has just announced that it will be releasing Dragon Quest I-VIII onto the Japanese versions of iOS and Android this winter. A western launch has yet to be confirmed.

Now, we’ll grant that there’s a good chance these games will also be receiving overseas releases at some point. This isn’t the first time Square Enix has ported entries from its classic RPG library to mobile platforms and Europe and the United States wound up being privy to a good chunk of those. Likewise, while we might harbor some jealousy over Japanese gamers gaining access to these first, we will admit it that it makes sense to focus on a market where Dragon Quest is rampantly popular.

That said, we really want these games too and we don’t want to wait for them! How about this? We’ll make you a deal Japan. You talk Square Enix into making this a simultaneous worldwide release and we’ll talk Sony into sending some of the PS4’s it diverted our way back to you. If you really think about it that’s a bargain. We’re just asking for a bunch of retro games. You on the other hand won’t be getting the PS4 until February without our help. Because we can totally do that. Japan? Are you still there? I think they hung up.

Source: Eurogamer

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