Dragonborn DLC Now Avaliable on Steam


I used to write engaging teasers, but then I took an overused meme to the knee.

Dragonborn, that latest DLC for Bethesda’s Skyrim is now available for purchase on the Steam platform. It follows Dawngaurd and Hearthfire as the third piece of official Skyrim DLC. Dragonborn is more like Dawngaurd, in that it entails a fully self-contained story arc, as opposed to Hearthfire which simply added house building tools and features. Xbox users have been enjoying the content since December of last year, but PC users have had to sit and wait until now. PS3 users will have to hold out just a little bit longer, with the DLC scheduled for February 12 release. You can pick it up for $19.99 USD on the Steam store.

Dragonborn leads the player to the far away island of Solstheim, where they discovers they iare not the only one capable of eating the souls of dragons and yelling loud enough to make things explode. The main quest sends you to a number of new locations on a mission to try and stop Miraak, a crazy Dragon Priest who is apparently messing stuff up in Solstheim something awful. Along the way you’ll encounter new weapons, armor, items and spells, including a new dragon shout that lets you summon a dragon as a mount.

The DLC was released alongside an update to the PC-exclusive Hi-Res Texture Pack. The pack can be downloaded for free, and improves many of the game’s visuals, provided your PC has the horsepower to handle it.

For those of you who play Skyrim on the PC, I highly recommend you check out the wealth of mods available in the Steam Workshop. They make for a much more customizable and enjoyable experience, and are all completely free to download and pretty painless to install. Personally, I don’t know how I managed to play the game without SkyUI, Spend Dragon Souls for Perks and Better Quest Objectives.

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