Even if Guitar Hero brought indie band DragonForce to nationwide stardom, the group members have grown tired of answering “Through Fire and Flames” questions.

The deal with Activision to include the song, infamous for its scorching fast fretwork, as the final, most difficult guitar game song ever in Guitar Hero 3 brought the band thousands of listeners whom may never have heard another DragonForce song.

DragonForce guitarist and co-founding member Sam Totman wants these people to enjoy his music without bugging him about the game.

“Don’t ask if I can play my own song in Guitar Hero, because I’ve answered that question about five times a day,” stated Totman.

“Can’t complain, it’s made more people like us. It’s definitely helped a lot,” Totman said in support of the followers of the game.

Really dedicated gamers bring guitars for the band to autograph, which they happily oblige. Totman commented, “Sometimes… I don’t think they can be bothered to bring them to a gig, but we’ve signed our fair share of those.”

Fans from before and after Guitar Hero can listen to more DragonForce with the band’s recently released album Ultra Beatdown.

Source: Metal Injection via 1Up

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