E3 2015

Dreams is Media Molecule’s PS4 Exclusive About Lucid Dreaming


Dreams uses the PS4’s motion controls to let players sketch and create their dreams.

At Sony’s E3 conference, Media Molecule’s Alex Evans took to the stage to reveal a new kind of PS4 exclusive: Dreams. Appropriately, Dreams is all about lucid dreaming, and giving players the tools to become the “puppet master” of a dreamer.

Dreams creation tools have a focus on making things quick and intuitive rather than particularly detailed, and as such it takes advantage of the PS4’s motion controls to allow players to piece together a scene in just a few minutes. After they have put all the pieces together… it’s showtime, and they become the master of the dream, leading the poor unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on the dream) dreamer through whatever situations the player has created.

The example shown in the trailer featured a dream if an old man playing piano, segueing into polar bears in the snow, followed by a ship chase over a large city, and finally a teddy bear bashing zombies with a hammer. The kind of random stream-of-consciousness stuff that real dreams are made of.

Evans said that Dreams will be a game that focuses on sketching, collaboration, and immediacy.

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