This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Dreamscaper and Jupiter Hell.

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Hooray! Drought season’s almost over! Woo! We got through another one without self-harming or playing too much weeb shit, but I repeat myself – yay! Now there’s only disease, poverty, climate disaster and political disenfranchisement to sort out and we can start focussing on the real issues, like developing a controller for a Nintendo console that doesn’t give me old man wrist. But let’s see out another droughty summer with one last indie double bill, focusing on that one special genre that is to indie games what intestinal parasites are to inexpensive Mexican food. Roguelites. Starting with Jupiter Hell. Now, as I’m sure I’ve said before, I’m tragically decrepit enough to remember that period in the 90s when we called every first person shooter a “Doom clone.” And Jupiter Hell made me very nostalgic because it’s a Doom clone, but here’s the twist, you procrastinating twat: it’s not a first person shooter. But it is undeniably a Doom clone. Stop tiktokking your amazed reaction and I will explain how. See, you play as a burly space marine who comes to a tech base deep in the Solar system’s flyover country to find it taken over by demons and zombies and must battle their way through the depths of Hell one fricasseed demonic ballsack at a time.

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