Pick up this February issue of Wizard’s TOYFARE Magazine and learn about everything new that is Transformers. The “JAPAN’S FORMERS” article features all the Japanese Transformers that have never been seen here in North America. Like who you ask? Well would it shake you up and get you all tingly with excitement if we said… VICTORY SABER? or OVERLORD? and what about DEATHSAURUS? Yeah, we thought so…

Some of your favorite Dreamwave Transformers artists penciled these amazing Japanese bots, including Don Figueroa (Transformers Generation One ongoing), Rob Ruffolo (Transformers War Within) and Joe Ng (Transformers Armada More Than Meets The Eye). Not only that, writer Brad Mick (Transformers: Generation One ongoing series) shares some secrets with Toyfare about what might be coming soon in the world of comics from Dreamwave.

So check it out and get crackin’ on updating what you thought you knew about everything TRANSFORMERS!!!

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