Dreamwave Preview: Killzone #1 & DMC #4



Killzone #1
The Battle Begins In December!
Story by John Ney Reiber
Art by Anderson Garcia

A galactic peace is shattered when the brutal Helghast mount an overwhelming assault on the colonies of the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance. But on the fallen planet Vecta, four scattered survivors of that shockwave offensive may unite to forge the key to humanity’s ultimate survival… If they can survive their solitary passages through the bloody trenches and burning towers of a world become a killzone.

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FC 32pp $2.95 Monthly In stores this December!


Devil May Cry #4
Shout At The Devil
Story by James McDonough and Adam Patyk
Art by Pat Lee and Dreamwave

The final and exciting issue to the Dreamwave’s comic based on the hit video games will be on the shelves very soon! Dante must himself become a devil…in order to defeat one! What will happen when he unleashes his demon side-the same supernatural evil he has struggled to contain? Will he defeat the Demon Lord Mundus…or will it consume our hero and damn him to a similar fate?
For those wanting even more, Dreamwave has reprinted the sold-out issue #1 (available now) and will be doing the same for issue # 2 (available January 2005). On top of that, look for the complete mini-series plus a bunch of extras in the Trade Paperback, coming in early 2005.

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Check out these preview pages of the stunning conclusion to Devil May Cry.

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