Dreamwave June Solicitations

imageTransformers Energon, Pocket Edition, Vol. 1

Writer – Simon Furman
Pencils – Guido Guidi, Joe Ng

FC $10.95 112pp 5″ x 7.25″

TRANSFORMERS ARMADA. has transformed! Two years have passed since TRANSFORMERS ARMADA debuted as the # 1 selling comic in North America. Now this series continues as TRANSFORMERS ENERGON and marks the end of ARMADA and the start of a NEW Generation! Don’t miss out on this innovative series in a brand new format!

In this volume, ten years have passed since ARMADA and UNICRON is back and hungry. for ENERGON! Earth’s right back in the firing line as the great devourer strikes a deal with current DECEPTICON commander, SCORPONOK! What about MEGATRON? Well, trapped within UNICRON as a disembodied spark, his only hope is his former adversary. OPTIMUS PRIME!

Written by TRANSFORMERS guru Simon Furman, this “Pocket Book” collects the first 4 issues of TRANSFORMERS ENERGON and is the first TRANSFORMERS edition in this format.

imageDuel Masters Trade Paperback, Pocket Edition, Vol. 1

Writer – Brian Augustyn
Pencils – Jeremy Tiongson
Cover(s) by – Jeremy Tiongson

FC $10.95 112pp 5″ x 7.25″

His name is Shobu, ordinary kid and Duel Master tournament champion. Thanks to his mysterious and missing father, Shobu has an unexpected edge in the card games, for he alone can directly access the “Zone,” a dimensional realm where mythical and mystical battles are fought between wild beings to the finish. Plenty of would-be masters want to challenge Shobu and even stranger beings want his access to the Zone, but for now the champ stands tough. But a quest for his missing father will open even stranger and deeper mysteries than the boy could have expected.


Transformers: Micromasters #1

Writer – Adam Patyk
Pencils – Robert Ruffolo

FC 32pp $2.95 Monthly #1 of 4-Issue Limited Series

Get ready for the most original G1 Transformers series in years! Cursed are the Micromasters, for they shall inherit a devastated Cybertron…the Ark and Nemesis are gone, and with them the leadership of the Autobots and Decepticons. With the war effort in shambles and energy levels low, the young Micromaster recruits on both sides start to question why they’re fighting for the larger Transformers who doomed their world. As morale disintegrates, a long-lost Autobot hero returns from the stars to push his people toward a greater purpose…but is it too late? Jump in on the ground floor as an all-new cast grabs center stage!

image image

imageTransformers: Energon #24

Writer -Simon Furman
Pencils – Guido Guidi
Cover(s) by – Joe Ng

FC 32pp $2.95 Monthly

What is the dark, dark secret raw AUTOBOT recruit IRONHIDE is so desperate to see never comes to light? Back on CYBERTRON to oversee construction of planetary defenses (bound for Earth), IRONHIDE comes face to face with TIDAL WAVE… and the numbing terror and shame of his long years spent as a DECEPTICON prisoner of war!

imageTransformers Generation One Ongoing #6

Writer -Brad Mick
Pencils – Don Figueroa
Cover(s) by – Don Figueroa

This is it–the final showdown between good versus evil, as the AUTOBOTS, STARSCREAM and SUNSTORM duke it in the Earth’s core. But when the battle rages out of hand, are our heroes prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice while the fate of both Earth and CYBERTRON lie in the balance?

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