Devil May Cry

imageISSUE #: 4
Writer – Brad Mick
Pencils – Pat Lee
Cover(s) by – Pat Lee, CG cover

To defeat a devil Dante must first become a devil. But will unleashing the supernatural evil that he’s struggled to contain all for so long grant him the power necessary to finally avenge his father’s murder at the hands of the Demon Lord Mundus? Or will it only consume, damning him to a similar fate?

FC $3.95 40pp Monthly

Duel Masters

imageISSUE #: 7
Writer – Brian Augustyn
Pencils – Jeremy Tiongson
Cover(s) by – Jeremy Tiongson

The last beast-man, the elephant-like Tantaar, fights to exact vengeance on the enemies who destroyed his people–and to reclaim a powerful talisman of his race stolen years before. Now the battle, however, is taking place in the Duel World and on earth–drawing both Shobu and his father into the noble and incredible struggle.

FC $2.95 32pp Monthly

Transformers: Generation One

imageISSUE #: 5
Writer -Brad Mick
Pencils – Don Figueroa
Cover(s) by – Don Figueroa

Hot on the trail of the super powered Decepticon Sunstorm, Bumblebee and his fellow Autobots are shocked to discover an ancient Decepticon secret located deep within the bowels of the Earth. But how does this discovery factor into Sunstorm’s agenda and what links does it reveal about the histories of both Earth and Cybertron?

FC $2.95 32pp Monthly

Transformers Energon

imageISSUE #: 23
Writer – Simon Furman
Pencils – Guido Guidi

The first big Energon story arc wraps up in explosive style as the Omnicons make their terrestrial debut, joining Optimus Prime and the Autobots’ last desperate bid to rescue Kicker and Dr. Jones from Scorponok’s Terrorcons. But now Kicker’s incredible secret is out, will he ever be safe again? From Simon Furman and Guido Guidi.

FC $2.95 32pp Monthly

More Than Meets The Eye: Transformers Armada

imageISSUE #: 3
Writer – Adam Patyk, Brad Mick
Pencils – Various
Cover(s) by – Joe Ng

The ARMADA has assembled to do battle with the evil UNICRON! Find out more about him-as well as STARSCREAM, TIDAL WAVE, OPTIMUS PRIME, and POWERLINX versions galore-as you complete your guide to the biggest TRANSFORMERS hit series in years. This final issue is crammed full of fantastic art and all-new bios of your favorite AUTOBOTS, DECEPTICONS, and the all-important MINI-CONS…plus a few surprises that lead into TRANSFORMERS ENERGON!

FC $4.95 48pp Monthly, Part 3 of a 3-Issue Finite Series

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