Written by Brian Augustyn
Penciled by Jeremy Tiongson
Colored by Dreamwave Colors

Previews Synopsis: The mystery of battle zone and the realm beyond deepens, as Shobu and friends enter a major Duel Masters tournament for the first time. The search for Shobu’s missing father leads to an astonishing revelation-which points to ever deeper secrets and wild and constant danger! Can Shobu breach the vast gulf between worlds in order to save his dad? Will the senior Kirifuda survive long enough for the puzzle to be unraveled?. The search for Shobu’s missing father leads to some very strange places.

This series is a collaborative creation of Dreamwave, Hasbro, and Wizards of the Coast. It is based on the popular comics, television series, toys, and other merchandise in Japan with an estimated readership of 1.6 million!

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FC 32pp $2.95 Monthly

Dreamwave’s Duel Masters #2 hits comic book stores Christmas Eve!!!

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