Transformers Scribe Extraordinaire Hits Milestone With ENERGON #30 and #31

Transfans everywhere,

We have all have known Simon Furman’s work and loved it for years. Here at Dreamwave we have to admit we’ve read the other TRANSFORMERS comics series, created nearly twenty years ago, by MARVEL. Furman made the TRANSFORMERS his specialty when he penned storylines that captured TF fan’s imaginations like the famous “Primal Scream”, “Matrix Quest” or “The Last Autobot” tales, giving imaginative adaptations in both the American and UK versions of GENERATION ONE.

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We all remember him galvanizing unique personalities to soon-to-become fan favorites like UNICRON, GALVATRON or BLUDGEON. Creating stories that were often incredibly complex, yet with absorbing elegance, Furman did things no writer had thus far with the ‘bots.

When Simon created the incredible War Within chronicles he left fans aching for more. And now, Simon is writing the ARMADA/ENERGON series – which gets to this exciting highlight of his TF career. When issue # 31 comes out, Simon will actually surpass his original run with the MARVEL TF series!

Remember Transfans, Simon Furman truly is the one man who can say he has been working on TRANSFORMERS for the past twenty years. This is why Dreamwave is pleased as punch to have had him aboard for our TRANSFORMERS titles. “”Hard to believe, but another TRANSFORMERS milestone beckons for me with Issue #30 of Armada/Energon, equaling my run on the US G1 comic. When Issue #31 comes out, it will put me in uncharted territory! Scary… but nice!” Simon says, “And to think — it all started with a fill-in. All I have to do now is beat the legendary Bob Budiansky and his 50 or so issues! Stay tuned. By the way, those issues (Energon #30 & 31) are going to rock. Big time!”

Check out Issue # 30 and # 31 of TRANSFORMERS: ENERGON and be part of TRANSFORMERS history!

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