One semi-scientific experiment has found drinking alcohol actually improves driving skills – in videogames, anyway.

Drunk driving is typically frowned upon, whether it’s part of Grand Theft Auto IV, its own inebriated gaming experience or a feeble attempt to steer home from a wild weekend. However, one website refused to let the law limit its exploration into trashed vehicle operation.

With death and jail as effective deterrents against actually driving drunk, a group of gamers drank some alcohol before playing Mario Kart Wii time trials to test whether or not being buzzed behind the wheel would improve driving performance.

Three different gamers raced around Mario Kart Wii‘s “Mall” level in time trial mode three times, each at varying blood alcohol content levels (.02, .04, .08). The experiment found to drinkers’ delight that the more inebriated a racer was, the faster the course was run. All competitors had experience with the game beforehand, leaving the alcohol as the only main variable. Therefore, a loosely controlled scientific study has (sort of) confirmed that drunk driving improves speed, navigation and control in a car.

The Escapist doesn’t condone drunk driving, unless perhaps you’re of legal age and in need of an edge in Need for Speed.

Source: Hip as Fuck via Kotaku, Kottke

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